Scheduling a telephone or e-mail consultation
To schedule a consultation appointment, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Please call (845) 473 1370 or e-mail at Please briefly describe your facts. The office will contact you to confirm your appointment or telephonic conference time.
  2. For face to face consultation ($200) with the Attorney, the office only takes cash. For Paid Telephone Consultations or E-mail consultations($200) with Attorney Haque, you have the options of payment by check or Credit Card


        3.  Only the return of the completed Questionnaire, with the payment, would   confirm his or her scheduled
              consultation or a reply from the Attorney by e-mail.

Note: A consultation establishes an attorney/client relationship only for the duration of the consultation. You do not become a "Client" of the Law Firm, merely by having a consultation. The consultation fee is credited towards the total fee for a case if the firm is retained within 30 days of the consultation.

Except in unusual cases, the office bills are on a flat fee, rather than on an hourly, basis. Payments of legal fees for individual clients are usually broken down with an initial payment to start work with the Legal Representation Agreement. The balance is paid in part, at each stage of your process. Please e-mail for specific fee information.

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